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FeiDaMing Electronics Tech Ltd. - Concerning Us

FeiDaMing Electronics is a intercontinental PC Board fab and Assembly producer who presents International service and support by working with our abilities.

We provide competing rates, certified service and support and fantastic delivery time period. We accomlish this simply because we are the maker. FeiDaMing Electronics Technology, Our main corporation in China mainland was created in 2005, and has offered competent PCB mfg & Assembly services for in excess of 2,500 buyers internationally. With a purpose to satisfy our clients'different demands and requirements for Printed Circuit Board Assy, We built our new Electronic Circuit Board Assemblage production line in Apr 2011.

Our manufacturing area is equipped with progressed equipment, yet not just three high speed SMT lines, Siemens HS50 Pick and placers, Siemens F5 pick and placers, Heller 1809 Reflows, Speedline MPM printers, OK intelligent solder irons, And Otek Automatic Optical Inspection units to name some. In the event you loved this article and you wish to receive details about Fastbom LED assure visit our web site. We support QFP, DIP, LGA, QFN and BGA SIP assembly forms.., The tiniest SMT footprint we can mount is 0201. Our factory also can offer programming, Wiring and in addition injecting and conformal coating services.

Our Assembly facility has ISO9001 Qualifications, For bare PC Board manufacture, in addition we have ISO and UL certifications., That being said FeiDaMing Electronics is highly competent at handling / Manufacturing top quality Assemblage projects which match the present prime quality criteria.

mokoiot.com web site belongs to FeiDaMingLED GROUP, is focused on running businesses of precise Board to Board, Solar power photoelectric connector, I/O connectors, industrial Terminal blocks as well as cable assembling for computer & add-ons.

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